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Our Important Work

Education: At present, only education through the 6th grade is available in this district. We are establishing a 7th to 10th grade Christian school to prepare students for college or vocational training. We will implement modern technology into the curriculum to bring about future opportunities for further education or employment.

a building

3 sides

The roof

Higher view



Side View

Another Side View


The Restrooms

Side View


Distant View

Side Doors

Right Side

Inside Lighting

Putting up Solar Panels

The School

Solar Panels

Official School Picture

Farming Initiatives: Volunteers have been clearing additional land at the school site. By providing agricultural tools and training,  we can help students learn good farming practices. Produce such as cassava and rice will give opportunity for training and also allow the sale of the products to help support the school.

Clearing of Farmland


Local Elders


The Forest

Health care: When the educational facilities are completed and in operation, the Board hopes to assist local leaders in developing basic health care. This may involve building a clinic and including training in health care practices in the school curriculum.

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